Privacy Policy

Information we collect and retain

  • Greenhost, which hosts the Totem platform, can log and maintain records of the use of Totem in order to measure the performance of its systems and to identify violations of its code of conduct.
  • The Totem platform collects the email address and password of the user upon registration with the platform, as this data is required to log into the system. This does not require the user to provide their legal name. Users are encouraged to use pseudonyms, to create unique email accounts for the use of Totem which are not linked to legal entities or other kinds of identifying information, and to use email services with high standards of user confidentiality.
  • The user can opt-in to provide optional information about gender and geographic location in their user profile. This information will be used by Greenhost and Free Press Unlimited for reporting purposes.

How we store and share collected information

Greenhost hosts the servers of Totem. The Totem platform abides by the data collection policy set out in the Greenhost privacy policy.